Postman, I love you.

Like anyone’s going to ask that question now

"Baby I’m Yours" whoever I end up marrying, this 7 inch b-side will be played at our wedding :)

You’re so dark, great b-side

Come home for Christmas to finally get my hands on my parcel :)

AM UK Tour

Abit far away from alex and matt but tonight was still awesome :)

Two great albums, two great bands

Arctic Monkeys, very rare, first ever release……. All mine! :)

Desktop background ….. you’re welcome ;)

i’ll give you a clue where my blog name comes from :)

Jealous? I would be ;)

I loved the version of arabella arctics perfomed at Austin City Limits and being a drummer i love the bridged cover and will be doing a drum cover in a few weeks.. but I’ve managed to combine the 2 tracks Arabella and War Pigs like they performed it live. its not perfect but when i do my youtube drum cover you won’t even notice.